Assessment, Analysis and Assurance

While the deployment of security systems and robust security governance practices are essential, a comprehensive risk management strategy needs to go further. To manage cyber risk effectively companies must first understand their assets, their vulnerabilities and the range of threats they might face.



The Surety Global Approach

After initial meetings to understand and discuss your approach to risk management and current cyber security concerns, the Define stage of our approach includes a comprehensive cyber assessment service.

The independent assessment service covers processes, governance and technology and offers valuable recommendations on how to lower the risk of a cyber-attack. It also provides important information that will enable a cyber insurance policy to be offered at the most competitive rate.

At the end of the assessment a report is produced and detailed de-briefing session is held to walk through each of the findings and recommendations. Based on the report an appropriate course of action is agreed and a plan developed covering the areas of Defence, Detection, Response and Assurance.

We are also committed to increasing cyber threat awareness across the region, attending and sponsoring events and running training sessions.