Strategic partnerships are the cornerstone of our business

Surety Global are pleased to be appointed as risk management consultants to MEBAA.

MEBAA Insurance has been developed by MEBAA in partnership with Surety Global, and assisted by a UK based intermediary risk provider and an A-rated reinsurer. This includes an innovative set of Aviation, Cyber, Medical and Property insurance solutions that are competitively priced and offer outstanding value.

Surety Global has also partnered with Nettitude, an award winning global leader of cyber security services. The partnership helps members of affinity groups like MEBAA and other clients realise their cyber threats and secure their technology, people and processes.

Cyber security services include:

  • Security and Risk Consulting
  • Penetration Testing
  • Managed Security Services (Detection and Incident Response)
  • Compliance Management
  • Training
  • Vulnerability Research



Innovative and Impressive

“I was so impressed with the innovative and diversified MEBAA Insurance products that have been developed by MEBAA in partnership with Surety Global that will satisfy the requirements of our members. The program is solidly backed by an A-rated and well reputed London reinsurer. Thanks to Surety Global for this milestone achievement.”

Ali Alnaqbi
Founding & Executive Chairman