A 360° approach to risk management in the GCC

As the world becomes increasingly connected, risk management strategies must adapt and evolve to mitigate the threats associated with cyber-attacks. All types and sizes of organisation are at risk, not only the financial institutions, defence organisations and high profile names which make the headlines.

Surety Global is a UK based risk management consultancy firm specialising in risk management solutions in the GCC. We work with companies and affinity groups in the region to assess, mitigate and reduce the risk of cyber attacks with a range of cyber security and insurance solutions.


Personal and Exceptional Service

Surety Global’s founder Samir Abdul Ahad has over 30 years of experience in the international insurance and reinsurance markets. Samir spent over 20 years working in UAE as the Deputy CEO of ADNIC. He also held the position of CEO at URSME an MGA at the Dubai Financial Centre.

Samir is well known within the London, Europe and GCC insurance markets and has a deep understanding of the key players and complex risk landscape in the region. With Surety Global, Samir has combined extensive risk landscape experience, with industry leading cyber security and A rated reinsurance partnerships, to offer comprehensive and unique risk management solutions.